Free download: long term planning template (Gantt Chart)

If you need to make long term plannings for your projects, you want something to visualize it. I made an Excel-template that I use myself pretty often. This type of template is also known as a Gantt chart.

I would like to share this template with you. Download this free template below (right click and select “Save as”).

Download project planning template (.xlsx)

How it works

The template itself is set up pretty easy. With a little help of a Gantt chart, it will visualize a project scope. The first cell let you easily put in the start date of the project. Today’s date is filled automatically.


I use two colors using the conditional rules in Excel. The blue ones are tasks to be fulfilled by the project team, the orange color is an indication of (big) deadlines. Simply fill in the numbers 1 or 2 in the right cells and colors will show up during the week. The colors will indicate the duration of a task of phase in days, depending on how you want to use it.


I divided the template into weeks from Monday through Friday, dividing the weeks with a solid black border. You are able to scroll from left to right to see what tasks are set for what weeks and still be able to see the tasks itself.

Grab a free copy!

Grab yourself a copy of this project planning template for Excel. I did protect the sheet to make sure you don’t make any unwanted changes, but you can easily unlock it by hitting the security tab in Excel. Enjoy!

Download project planning template (.xlsx)

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